Additional services

Follicle scanning in connection with consultation (excluding consultation) EUR 73,-
Prescription issuance in connection with consultation (excluding consultation) EUR 6.5,-
Telephone consultation EUR 67,-
Reception of private sperm straws with planned delivery EUR 320,-
Emergency reception of private straws EUR 400,-
Thawing and preparation of sperm straws EUR 33,-
Freezing of partner’s sperm, incl. storage for two years EUR 667,-
Storage of frozen semen per year in excess of the two years EUR 147,-
Acute ICSI EUR 533,-
Storage of unfertilised eggs per year (max. five years) EUR 200,-
Transfer of frozen eggs/embryos/sperm to another clinic (does not include transport) EUR 400,-
Endometrial scratching (priming) EUR 333,-
Sperm analysis (free of charge on treatment) EUR 160,-
Pregnancy scan in excess of first pregnancy scan EUR 133,-
TESA – aspiration of sperm from testicles EUR 533,-
Assisted Hatching (AHA) EUR 333,-
HSE (scanning of fallopian tubes) EUR 333,-

Blood tests (can be done at the clinic)

Infection markers (Hepatitis, HIV) statutory EUR 247,-
Hormone tests (AMH, TSH, TPO) + Rubella EUR 133,-
hCG pregnancy hormone (free on IVF + ICSI treatment) EUR 33,-
Prolactin EUR 67,-
Chlamydia swab test EUR 117,-

Price information

All prices are quoted in EUR and are indicative (based on a rate of 7.5). Payment will be made in DKK and the exact amount is calculated based on the exchange rate of the day.

All prices are inclusive of statutory patient insurance of 6%.

Indicative prices are stated, and these will apply from 1 January 2020.

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