Helle Andersen, ESHRE-certificeret Embryolog.

Helle Andersen

When I started working in a fertility clinic back in 1992, it was a new and interesting work area, and I was immediately enthusiastic. It has been exciting to help give infertile couples the opportunity to have a child. I have always been very interested in how to optimise the work in the laboratory. This field is undergoing rapid developments, and it is exciting to be part of this.

I have chosen Aleris-Hamlet Fertility, as I would like to help form a new fertility clinic which, with access to all the hospital’s specialists, can offer optimal treatment and support throughout the course of the fertility treatment. I would like to be part of the professional team starting here and I am looking forward to using the knowledge that I have gathered through 26 years in the fertility sector.

Education and training

  • 1989: Authorisation as Hospital Laboratory Technician

Relevant supplementary and further education and training

  • 1997 – 1999: Supplementary education programme in fertility, Panum Copenhagen
  • 2010: ESHRE-certified Embryologist, Rome

Work experience

  • 1992 – 2019: Embryologist, Rigshospitalet’s Fertility Clinic 4071 (Copenhagen University Hospital)
  • May 1992 – Oct. 1992: Hospital Laboratory Technician temp at Sundby Hospital, Copenhagen
  • May 1991 – Oct. 1991: Hospital Laboratory Technician temp at Slagelse Hospital.

Special competences and areas of interest

  • I have worked with setup of blastocyst biopsy in the past couple of years

Science & Teaching

  • I have taught internally in the laboratory

Professional memberships

  • 1989: Member of Dbio
  • Member of ESHRE