For single women


For single women

Even if you have not found the right partner yet, you do not have to wait to start a family. Denmark’s liberal legislation allows us to help you with insemination or fertility treatment until you turn 46.


Get started quickly

Aleris-Hamlet Fertility organises your course of treatment so that you need to travel as little as possible. We offer professional advice about all types of fertility treatment from insemination and IVF / ICSI to egg donation and double donation. We support you in the decisions you need to make and give you the best possible professional advice.

It must be a good experience

If you want to become pregnant as a single, it is important that you feel safe. When you arrive in the clinic, our team will guide you so that you always have a good and safe experience with us. You will be offered use of a private resting room in connection with your treatments.


The best conditions for a good result

Aleris-Hamlet Fertility is a modern fertility clinic which houses a brand-new laboratory with the most state-of-the-art equipment. Here, our skilled fertility team can provide you with the best conditions for making your dream of a family come true.

Aleris-Hamlet Fertility is also part of Denmark’s largest private hospital, which allows us to draw on the hospital’s many medical experts such as gynaecologists, urologists, surgeons, physicians, anaesthesiologists, psychologists and dieticians. This allows us to plan the optimal treatment and to support you throughout your fertility treatment.

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How do you get started?

The first step towards pregnancy is a preliminary consultation, which is completely non-binding. Here, our specialists take good time to talk to you about your situation and answer your questions. We talk about any previous treatments and the necessary fertility review. On this basis, the fertility doctor can plan the optimal fertility treatment course for you.

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When choosing a sperm donor

We have wide experience in advising on sperm donor choice. It is first and foremost important that you consider whether the sperm donor is to be anonymous or non-anonymous. There are several different donation types  from which you can choose, depending on how much information you want you and your child to have about the sperm donor. There are no right or wrong choices, so it is important that you consider what feels right for you. You can order your sperm at European Sperm Bank or Cryos International.

Same sperm donor for siblings

It is important that you consider whether you want to set up a sperm deposit with the sperm bank so that you can use the same sperm donor for any siblings.

Double donation

If you are not able to form suitable eggs yourself, we can offer double donation with eggs and sperm if this is medically justified. You should be aware that it is a requirement that either the sperm or the egg cell has been donated in non-anonymous form.

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Risk of hereditary diseases

Even though a donor is screened and tested, hereditary diseases cannot be excluded 100%, as some of these may occur later in life. But the risk is generally low for a donor child because the donor has undergone many tests.

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